Saturday, December 8, 2012

Starlight Flight over Dallas

Beau and I had a really cool date night last night. This was my Christmas gift to Beau - a tour of the city's Christmas lights and dinner after. It occurred to me yesterday that he will be on 8 airplanes from yesterday through the end of December and this was probably the worst gift I could give a seasoned traveler. Between that and my realization that both of Grayson's parents and his unborn brother would be up in a tiny airplane and that he could lose all of us in one fatal crash, I was a nervous wreck yesterday. I prayed harder than I had ever prayed before. Fortunately, we're all here to tell the tale AND Beau was really excited about it and he did think it was special. Thank goodness! Win, Win all around. :)

After one brief hormone-induced tantrum on the way down there (in rush hour traffic.) (when we were already running late.) because I forgot the gift card they insisted I bring (my parents once again saved the day on this one), we arrived at Million Air at Addison airport to meet the pilots. My favorite part probably wasn't the flight itself but was the experience of walking through the hangers and on the tarmac at night surrounded by all those planes. What an experience! There was also a courtesy Rolls-Royce they keep on hand for their clients (the equivalent of a taxi for the rest of us folks.) We're talking the old-school style with the huge winged hood ornament and all - the shiniest white car I had ever seen. (Side note: Beau's co-worker's nickname for him is actually Rolls-Royce Reynolds - Ha! I digress...) I decided keeping my cool was more important than taking a picture of it b/c after all, what would I DO with a picture of someone else's fancy car?! Post it to my blog of course! Ugh. I digress again...

The night was clear and still and perfect for the flight. Through the headphones we could hear ALL the chatter between the pilots and air traffic control. This is when I became pretty scared - it was just all so official sounding. Beau reminded me to breathe a couple of times :) The flight itself was textbook perfect, including take-off and landing and I highly recommend the company and the pilot! Starlight Flight, if you're interested :)
Do you sense the fear?
The famous Dallas skyline with the really cool new Omni Hotel!
It was such a cool experience to see the city from this view! We were much closer than your typical commercial flight so it was still special for Beau :) 
Flying over the Trinity River. I think.
Oh 635, you're so much nicer from the air! ;) My least favorite freeway in all the world but those brake lights are beautiful from the sky!
That was one tiny plane!
We capped off the evening with a delicious dinner at TruFire. I kept forgetting to make reservations for a restaurant in Addison, which led us to driving aimlessly on Friday night at 7:30. But this worked and we had a great time catching up before his 2 weeks away to Ireland starting Monday. On ANOTHER PLANE. ;)

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